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PostSubject: Reminder   Reminder Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 6:37 pm

All but two know not my past,
And those I promised were the last.
But now it seems to be,
That past has came back to haunt me.

The one man I truly hate,
The one who's entwined in my fate.
The man who taught me all I know,
And who's evil I wouldn't sew.

He's taken from me my closest friend,
And then another he tried to end.
Taught me right from wrong,
Taught me to crush all thosethat were not strong.

He's showed me sins in sevens,
And showed me what I had almost been.
Wrath and Envy and Greed and Lust,
Pride and Avarice and Sloth a must.

He knew my heart and knew it well,
So it's no surprise why I fell.
He took from me the one thing I needed,
And darkness within me he had seeded.

He bled me dry and wrung me out,
And left my heart in a drought.
He taught me war and all its workings,
And he watched me as I pulled the strings.

Then I ran with all my hopes,
With his fingers on my throat.
My past I fled and future I prayed,
And away from darkness I had stayed.

But his plant grew within my body,
And evil thing with mind bloody.
An entity with ebodyment dark,
It left me with heartstrings stark.

Then a chance to be remade,
Get me away from my dark days.
But it was fleeting with no chance,
So I followed this dark dance.

Then another with soul so fair,
One whose wounds I could bear.
But now that all is as it should finally be,
Guess what bastard returned to me?

Begone from my life you creature of filth,
I'll no longer be subject to your mirth!
Before I was too weak to stop you,
But this time I know just what to do!

Let the fire consume you.
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