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 Seven Deadly Sins

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PostSubject: Seven Deadly Sins   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:18 pm

One by one, man will fall,
For they're taken by them all.
Number thought to be so kind,
Both good and evil on the mind.

Too taken to be of use,
Yet still able to hang your noose.
Live a life not worth its wieght,
Without ever pursuing your fate.
Won't lift a finger for any gain,
Never knowing your true pain.
A life of sloth is a life long lost,
And always at another's cost.

What he has is what you want,
Never being far too blunt.
Taken from in years of gold,
Never returned past years grown old.
Dark vengeance unrightfully planned,
All the world is in its hand.
Taken by envy many have been,
As it is the next of the sins.

The next two come hand in hand,
One of food and one of land.
Feed the body to kill its life,
Never survive a moment's strife.
Take all gains with no regard,
To not give in is far too hard.
Avarice and Gluttony are the names,
Very nearly one and the same.

Cause of war in most intent,
Spark of vengeance it has lent.
In one view, it's the worst,
Becuase it harms beyond the cursed.
Embodied red by its bloody end,
A message of hate you will send.
So ravaged this world be,
Wrath is the sin you now see.

Taken in body but not in soul,
The physical will soon take its toll.
Surrender now to all desire,
And stoke now the bodies fire.
Satisfied in flesh, starved in heart,
A destroying need it will start.
Given in to the conspirator's crime,
Lust only stronger, given its time.

The the worst and hardest to cure,
Always working all for more.
Never mistake it for honst will,
For problems dire it shall instill.
The longest and strongest most prevailant,
You never know where it's went.
The most dire of all, poison Pride,
For from it, you can never hide.

Stricken by seven the world has been,
Since before the Devils know when.
You'll live them once and then again,
So may you pick your own deadly sin.

Let the fire consume you.
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Seven Deadly Sins
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