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PostSubject: Immortal   Tue May 05, 2009 6:32 pm

Spin the wheel of life and death,
This is the chance you always take.
No risk, you say, my dear old friend?
Why would you make that mistake?

Because you are immortal?

So you believe this gamble has no loss,
And you think you are invincible?
I'm so sorry, for it's my error,
You know you can survive it all.

Because you are immortal?

And what would you say to me,
If this wheel should stop on death?
It won't, you seem to believe,
Since thus far, you've had perfect health.

Because you are immortal?

You seem so unconcerned with the risk,
Even though you gamble with your life.
Life hangs by a tenuous string,
Whilest you dance on a bed of knives.

Because you are immortal?

Fine then, we'll test your claim,
And watch as the wheel stops.
It slows now and you don't care,
Watch the pointer at the top.

Oh no, it seems you've lost,
And this game has given you deth.
No prize for you, you pushed too far,
And now you pay with your last breath.

Because you aren't immortal.

Let the fire consume you.
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