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 A Promise

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PostSubject: A Promise   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:09 pm

A Promise

First Word
I walk these crumbling roads to
Bring my words to bear but you
Tear my heart apart it's like
Nothing can close this rift or
Open your eyes and raise hands
With strong arms down hatred strike
Give light to those lost in sands
Ever promise that you're there
For those clinging by a hair
So that they can have faith in
How you can wash down their sin
For the future of the youth
Give happiness and fear soothe
Purge the shadow, show virtue
The only who can is you
I know you know this is true

Second Word
In this covenant we rise
In faithful duty the cries
Of innocent we fall that
Of which plagues our lives and hurts
That which we swore to protect
That which we will always seek
That now in this sacred sect
For always we stand and speak
Out our hearts and raise the sun
Light the clouds and fall the rain
Build the future taught by pain
Take that which was always ours
Radiant light from the stars
A small seed can go so far

Third Word
But we worry still because
What if we will lose sight of
The struggle out of death’s jaws
To replace the hate with love
To those that are lost I say
Please step up to what you face
Open your soul and there lay
In the rose of faithful grace
But without will you will fail
And more will perish mankind
And by guilt you be assailed
But even then you still find
That a second chance is there
For those that will truly care
Please take that burden to bear
I beg you by gem most rare
To give your support most fair
Life will come if you just dare
And so
Today into dawn I stare

Fourth Word
Friends walk side by side only
They nor follow nor lead for
Footsteps follow you only
They reflect in your soul’s core
So make your choice and decide
Where you go and on what road
Who you’ll take along to ride
And so go reap what you sowed
Your person is the only
That can change your Destiny
So find yourself with your heart
Take your share and do your part
So why
Why do you hesitate now
Don’t forget what did you vow
You must know that the answer
Is just yours to discover
No time to duck for cover
Embrace truth like a lover
And then I’m sure you will see
That it was all at your feet
The true beauty that you be
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A Promise
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