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 We are the rain

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PostSubject: We are the rain   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:10 pm

We are the rain
~that tames the wind

I can't see the sun anymore
I'm burned all the way to the core
Show me please that you're strong
And tell me that I'm wrong
To think there's no god
In what has been wrought here
Justice to sleep has nod
Brought us plague of fear
That it will be a long goodbye
And never find a place to hide
That all we ever knew is gone
And we'll never again see dawn

The moon loses its glow tonight
I've lost my-faith in you and right
We scream as the clouds swallow us
And cry in our salvation lust
We're losing everything again
We're running out of fighting men
We forget true strength for regret
We were so different when we met
No one cares to remember now
Everyone lost the will to vow
That we have a future to live
And an effort that we can give
An existence to acknowledge
Ways to pull away from the edge
Of insanity in failure
As we reach for solace pure

It's hard I know to admit wrong
The time of peace will not last long
Let's face the consequences here
Look to your side to trusted peer
And together we can prevail
Let's join our hands and then derail
The ignorance and unholy
That's rooted in our misery
We'll give it a better purpose
Purge it deep beneath the surface
And then we have a place called home
Securely it is writ in stone

Nobody wants to be the rain
The hero that does all in vain
But only those can feel the wind
And with the chaos find truth in
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We are the rain
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