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 Carnival of Rust

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Carnival of Rust Empty
PostSubject: Carnival of Rust   Carnival of Rust Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 2:24 pm

Wheel sitting

without moving in

a patient reverie

of things

that have transpired here

in the past. This

is a Carnival,

A Carnival of Rust,

of lust, of life, of

time lost in

A void. Nothing.

This is my

past and

my future,

slow. It creaks.

This is life, this is

lust, this

is love.

And the coaster


rails groaning in

support of its tread

and the

melancholy love of

two machines.

Nearby hisses one

lonely cotton candy stand,

its Point lost

to this, this

Carnival of Rust.

Perhaps it feeds a


a mass we

will never know.

And the Carnival,

This Carnival of Rust


Let the fire consume you.
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Carnival of Rust
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