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PostSubject: Failing   Failing Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2008 10:06 am

I've tried and tried and tried again,
To turn my life around,
And each time I have fallen,
It's been farther to the ground.
I'm not sure I can continue,
Even with your guiding arm,
I may just lose myself to this evil,
And become that raging storm.
To tear a whole in society,
To damage the fabric of what is to be,
I don't want this to be my future,
But it appears to be my destiny.
Step away from what I am,
Save yourselves before I change,
I can't control what is happening,
But you can stay out of my range.
I will not be a host for your evil games,
I will not go down so quickly,
I am here to stay and will continue so,
And for me to give in is not likely.
You will see my determination,
You will so what can do,
You can try for all eternity,
But then again, I can too.

Let the fire consume you.
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