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 A Haunted Past

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PostSubject: A Haunted Past   A Haunted Past Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:45 am

You want to know my past and all I was?
I think it is something you shouldn't want to hear...
I will tell it all becuase you deserve to know,
But I warn you now that it will instill fear.

A demon born of fire and magic,
Thrown into the Chaos of life without hope.
He walked at first in ignorance of this,
But he soon had to learn to cope.

Then a fire lit in his soul and mind,
Pain beyond pain that he could not stand.
He sold away his heart and tossed away his soul,
Hoping to find peace on this land.

An echo of silence filled his waiting chest,
And an emptiness from pain made him strong.
But could this have been a mixed blessing and curse,
Becuase to live life without emotion could be wrong?

A void then formed in what he was,
An empty cavity he filled with vengeance and rage.
Psychotic and without morals, a demon more than a human,
He made the fools all around dance upon the stage.

And then a spark, a hope, a chance at sanity,
Something that could make his heart return?
But fleeting it was a left more darkness,
And he decided time to make this world burn.

A year, two, and one more past,
And then the land knew him all too well.
But then a reconsideration for one reason,
What if another came to stir his broken soul?

And so that was what came to pass,
As soon he was not alone again.
He had to change his ways, or risk a loss to great to bear,
A loved one's death at his own hand, a deathful sin.

And now the song is played that changed his life at first,
A story of the tales of two worlds, both hagning in perfect balance.
All that can save or damn either is one half-demon,
One who must hold a most precarious stance.

And so the tale comes to the age we are at,
And soon you will all see where he chose to have sat.

Let the fire consume you.
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A Haunted Past
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