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PostSubject: Twilight   Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:36 pm

A blue streak across the sky, I watch and wonder what it means,
And I take in stride the deepening shadows, as I wait for my dreams.
I take the hill, a stride at a time, climbing to its peak,
And then, with a calmness known to me, I begin to speak,
"You've taken my soul, my humanity, my life,
And you've torn my body to shreds and my mind was sent to strife.
I don't know what you want, I don't care what you are,
All I know is that this is a fight I will not lose, I will not dare."
Then inside of me, something moves, accepting my blantent challenge,
And it moves with me as I take myself all the way to the fringe.
A cliff of proportions known not to man,
I do the only thing that I possibly can,
I hurl myself over the edge to end this torment I've endured,
And I think that this is the only way I could ever possibly be cured.
But then i think back to what it is, and I realize what I've done,
This fate I've thrust upon myself, this is its only fun.
And in this fallen crest of a a twilight forgotten,
I've realized that giving in was my only real sin.

Let the fire consume you.
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