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 Illusion of the moon

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Illusion of the moon Empty
PostSubject: Illusion of the moon   Illusion of the moon Icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2008 11:15 am

For many nights I have laid awake
pondering what I have seen.
Was the images just a dream
and if so how could i feel them
tearing me apart?
Many times I have asked this
question, but have found no answer.
I know what I saw, but
it's face still remains unclear.
All I could remember is it's
eyes glowing like embers from hell
and it's claws shining in the light of the moon.
Yet I still question if ti was
what I preciveved it as
or was it just another illusion of the moon?

Three friends go into battle
One is captured,
One flies away,
the one that is left becomes a hero.
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Illusion of the moon
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