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 Thoughts Unexpressed

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PostSubject: Thoughts Unexpressed   Thoughts Unexpressed Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2008 2:25 am

You don't know what I do everyday,
To keep my enemies at bay.
They hound and they bite and they try to steal you from me,
But the reason I am what I am, they will always see.

You don't know what it means to me,
That you decided I was the one with which to be.
But as long as you are, I will fall to no foe,
And my true colors I can finally show.

You don't know what it means that you trust me so completely,
As it is the only time that this was given for free.
It may be a mistake in the end to give your mind away,
But if it comes, I hope that you will decide to stay.

You don't know what a rarety this is,
Amongst those like me and within my biz.
Once before I found to be a mistake,
But this time I can see these emotions are no fake.

You can't tell how hard I try to keep you safe,
As everyday I dance to dodge them without even a chafe.
But as long as these two hands hold my blood in thier veins,
Then this world will never be splattered with your own stains.

And I think it is quite clear now what you mean to me,
And I think you are beginning to see.
You have taken my life in your hands and restored my will,
And in return, for you, there is no one I would not kill.

Now the objective of this tale,
And of this I'm certain you shall never fail.
Next time I hold you close and take your hand,
Remember these next words and toss your problems to the sands.

I wrote this not to impress or to romance you,
But simply so that I could do what I've long wanted to.
I've been to shy to say it before this time, beilieve it or not,
But I thank you so whole-heartedly, becuase now my demon's I have fought.

I thank you again for each time you've saved me from what I am,
You shown me that this life is not just a sham.
I apologize for the times I have wronged you on my path to right,
And I thank you that you did not remove me from your sight.

I know you don't like it when I thank you or apologize,
But now that they are returned, these emotions I must exercise.
And even though you may not realize how much I value you,
I still wish to prove to you how much I love you.

I see this is a goal not easily met,
Because whenever a good thing about you I say, you fret.
But you know as well as I do that stubborn I can be,
And your worth to me I wish to make you finally see.

I think this poem has summed up my intentions,
And these words are solely my own inventions.
Now that I've said what I've always felt,
I realize these feelings are more than any I've been delt.

So I think it is time that I should have a conclusion,
And time to prove to you that this is no illusion.
You have a demon on a short leash, a pet trained very well,
But it is happy where it lives, because you have saved it from its Hell.

Now I end with the comments that started this all,
From the time in which we talked, late last fall.
It hasn't been long that I've known you, and I am still not discovered in whole,
But, for once, you have shed light upon my shattered soul.

Your meaning to me could never be replaced, never forgotten,
And I will love you for as long as I may last, my beautiful friend.
You owe me not explanation nor apology nor yourself in any circumstance,
As my own life and heart now lie.

Let the fire consume you.
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Thoughts Unexpressed
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