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PostSubject: Atheism   Atheism Icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2008 7:40 pm

You can't tell me what to believe,
You can't tell me I'm an Atheist,
You can try to control my feelings,
And you can try it with foot and fist.

My heart is my own,
Not taken by god or goddess or demon,
My life follows a complicated path,
Not given to divine grace or sinful fun.

So tell me now that I'm an Atheist,
Once I tell you I follow a religion unknown.
I hope for a course of redemption and hope,
But not one that your race has already sewn.

Just because my belief is not as straightforward as yours,
You tell me that I'm wrong and disbelieving,
Even though you know not what you follow yourself,
Even though you god seems not to be living and breathing.

Tell me, my friend, if yours is the superior religion,
Where has your dear and benevolent lord gone?
You say I speak the toungues of blasphemy becuase of this,
But notice I speak only facts and opinions I speak of none.

Tell me this as well, if your lord is so powerful,
Why has he forsaken one who seeks his guidance and power?
And while we speak of this subject,
Why does he ignore our prayers in this darkness shower?

I am not an Atheist, you see,
Because if he showed his face I would believe,
But I am at this point undecided,
And will continue my life with a restrained free.

I'm done arguing with all who try to teach but never learn,
I will just show you what it is I believe,
Now watch closely as your world unfolds,
As your evil shows what your god intended you to be.

Let the fire consume you.
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