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 Theater of Life

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PostSubject: Theater of Life   Theater of Life Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 7:40 pm

So have you learned to fear me now,
As I take the stage and take my bow.
This world's my stage and the people my actors,
And let's see if my performance can make emtions stir.

Now all grow quiet, it's time to start,
I'll raise my hands and do my part.
Tell my lines and set the scene,
It'll tell you all the lands from which I've been.

Back away, my character takes his leave,
Alive come my puppets, they begin to breath.
Take your words and move yourselves,
Convine them all I've seen hells.

The crowd's on the edges of their seats,
Tell them all of life's darkest feats.
Show them they've wought evil and hate,
And out of their confusion, my thirst I will slate.

The many gather their minds,
Trying to decipher my play's cryptic signs.
Couples take hands and families huddle close,
As they have each tied their own noose.

The first act ends and intermission begins,
And each person reviews a list of their sins.
A moment passes, not time enough,
Now my audience, you must be tough.

The final act begins right now,
And then I will finally explain the how.
How you write your own tombstone,
And how your hatred you do hone.

Tell me now my friends who gather here,
Have you learned why it is the darkness you fear?
Because it tells you who you are and all you be,
And it'll show who your loved ones really see.

And this evil I warn you of,
I've learned how to wear it like a glove.
As long as you stain your soul with hatred and pain,
Amongst you all only fear will reign.

Let the fire consume you.
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Theater of Life
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