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 Betrayal of the Sinner

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Betrayal of the Sinner Empty
PostSubject: Betrayal of the Sinner   Betrayal of the Sinner Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2008 2:31 pm

Lived my lives, through the ages,
Made my mark in history.
Names listed in lost lores,
And passed on in spoken story.

I've earned my peace in these recent years,
I've lived thru a life with all its fears,
So tell me why I still must fight,
To keep the fires closest to mine alight.

Can't I earn just one moment with peace complete,
Can't I spend one day without one wind blowing these fires?
Can't I have my moment with those I love,
Without learning of a threat nearly dire?

What must I do to keep alive,
Those who keep my own heart afire?
No matter what, I shall strive,
To carry you all through this mire.

To others I may be nothing,
To myself I am not much more,
But to you all you say I'm something,
But I've this I'm not so sure.

If I matter at all to any of you,
Why would you continue your lies?
What do you think I would do,
If every one of you dies?

No more can I take this pain of living,
But I continue in your own stead.
I'ld rather live a life of misery to the end,
Than know that one of you is dead.

Listen to my words, those of you who know,
As they will lead you to where you go.
I've promised you each I'ld keep you alive,
So into the darkest pit I prepare to dive.

All of you have your sins, and of this I mind not,
But each of you will be your own end.
If I have any meaning to any of you,
Then let me your will bend.

If you trust in me,
Then you will soon see,
What my words can mean,
And what I will be.
So finally the point,
The objective of this:
Hand me your will for my own use,
And everything I promised will come true,
Just trust in if only this once,
And I'll do what best I do.

Let the fire consume you.
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Betrayal of the Sinner
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