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 Death Finally Embraced

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PostSubject: Death Finally Embraced   Death Finally Embraced Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 9:36 pm

The world spins in an endless tide,
And I take each breath like my last stride.
I think that soon this night will be always known,
As the one when I took my last trek alone.

I feel my heart beat each strained tone,
And I realize I will soon reap what I have sewn.
I guess I knew this was coming for time now,
A time when I will finally take my last bow.

I've escaped Death itsself times beyond knowledge,
And always had only a single hand on the ledge.
I know what pain I'll cause you few,
But always remember me for what I do.

So take your last time, my foe immortal,
And it'll be my time to take my fall.
Each of you I care for in another way,
But I'll never have any chance to say.

Tonight is the night that I will die,
Tonight is the night that I will lie.
No one will know that I'm no longer here,
No one will have anything left to fear.
I wish you all luck in your coming endeavors,
And I wish you all will find your redeemer.
I've found all I needed to live my final life,
Found all I could to get through this strife.
Now I tell you my secret in tones unheard,
Fly your way as freely as any little bird.

A shadow looms in my visions again,
And it seems finally time to pay for my sins.
I've had too long to walk this place,
And too long to manipulate this space.

What is it that makes me evil,
What is it that shall fill?
I've tried so long to rearrange my soul,
So long I've prayed to fill this hole.

And now it comes to this,
With a weapon that cannot miss.
I feel only a moment of pain as it slips,
Then I feel the blood curl on my lips.

It seems a lot less scary as it once did,
And nothing from which we should be hid.
But now, in light, I see my wrong,
And that was following through this cursed throng.

Close my eyes and see the light,
And I finally give up this useless fight.
Why did I struggle so hard in my life,
When it feels so good to give into the knife?

Why shouldn't it all just be so easy,
So simple for us all to see?
This place that seems so free of pain,
And of hatred, prejudice, and disdain.

Oh, I see, now I know,
Why it isn't so simple for us all to go.
It's easy to give in and swallow our burden,
And punish ourselves for where we've been.
To give away our bodies for our souls,
In a desperate attempt to fill these holes.
Because we know the penalty we should incur,
If our clear sight should ever blur.
And I see it now, just below me,
The deepest Hell I should ever see.
Not one wroght of demons and darkness and fire,
But of our self-designed funeral pyres.

And that is a fate much worse...

Let the fire consume you.
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Death Finally Embraced
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