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 Chances, chances, chances...

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Chances, chances, chances... Empty
PostSubject: Chances, chances, chances...   Chances, chances, chances... Icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2008 12:54 pm

Roll the dice, make your move,
Make sure you like whatyou do.
Life's a chance with endless outcomes,
And I enjoy every one.

So pick a card, and hope your right,
'Cuz if your wrong, it's your last night.
A queen of hearts, drawn from the stack,
Well I guess I must release you back...

No wait, my friend, draw again,
You hafta press your luck now and then.
No don't leave before it's done,
Oh dear, you're no fun.

Next in line, step right up,
Shift them around, now pick a cup.
A coin under one, find it and leave,
But it seems, by my hands, you've been decieved.

One more taken by surprise,
Who will be the next to die?
You, dear man, came pick from my hand,
Or let your blood fall to the sand.

A nine of clubs, that will not do,
I guess there is no luck for you.
Next in line, a young girl,
Will her life soon unfurl?

Take your chances, take your time,
In the end, you're all mine.
Your luck will save you, one or twice,
But you all walk on the thinnest ice.

An icy grave awaits those who try,
Press your luck, soon you will die.
Now here's the next in line, flip a coin,
All this is your own doing.

Let the fire consume you.
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Chances, chances, chances...
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