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 No More!

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PostSubject: No More!   Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:06 pm

I've taken all I can take,
Broken more than any can break,
Still walking and talking and living a lie,
Just hoping and waiting for the moment I die.

Give me a hand and I'll break it,
Lay your heart out and I'll forsake it,
Nothing matters to those with nothing,
Only in it for the fun of hunting.

I've seen all your problems,
Touched the corruption in your systems,
But then you complain about tiny details,
As if your whole life is going to fail.

Why do I bother with you,
If you feel no remorse for what you do?
It kills me to say for the frst time,
I'm done playing for you the mime.

I've danced and dodged to speak my tongue,
Bowed my head and my hands I've wrung.
I've played my words for your feelings secure,
But now I've decided I'll do it no more.

I've been speaking in kind letters,
Trying to act like you're my betters,
Teaching a lesson so few have learned,
To a student I've never earned.

I don't mean to say death's worth the price,
But as of now I would take it thrice.
To save myself from this pain on you,
I need to do what I cannot do.

And all this pain caused by your "mistakes",
And each of your wounds, those dear fakes.
You've seen nothing of the harm you cause,
Maybe if you learned it would give you pause.

I said I won't pass my emotions off again,
But I can hide them deep in this den,
Follow a path much easier to live,
Never bothered by what I did.

Let the fire consume you.
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No More!
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