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PostSubject: Atonement   Atonement Icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2009 8:29 pm

Creeping closer to the end,
Pushing farther towards the edge,
Humanity has reached the Eleventh Hour.
The time of atonement is now.

I stand back, a spectator,
watching your sick lives unfold.
You know not what you do,
but only do what you are told.
The ones in power, the ones in control,
Shall pay for the sins of your world as a whole.
No more indulgence, no more sin,
retribution comes back sevenfold,
and no longer will you win.

You shall all pay, for your causes have effects,
Thinking you can do as you please, and never pay the debt.
Masters of puppets, pulling the strings,
You'll pay the price for those evil things.
Atone for your evils, atone for your sins,
for the meek will have power, and then they will win.

Your cities lay in ruin, your power is gone,
the weak have taken power, your now their pawn.
The tables have turned, the fear is now yours.
You now travel nearer the Grim Reapers door.
The sweet revenge, the pain you now feel,
Your screams of agony as your skin starts to peel.
The Havoc you wrought is now turned upon you,
the sweet atonement has peirced your heart through.

Life's a road with many turns,
to make it through you first get burns,
cuts and scratches, thrusts of steel,
but through the pains true life yo feel.
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