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 A tale retold

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PostSubject: A tale retold   Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:27 pm

Take your bow and leave this stage,
I've had enough of your games.
All my veangeance unrelesed,
And I know you feel the same.

Hunt with ts night of nights,
Take to the enemy our sacred fight.
Our souls aflame with conquests before,
Bring our terror to their door!

Always victory easily gained,
Never once have we felt pain.
Invincible we fancied ourselves that sunset,
Victory assured, the enemy met.

So wrong we were to think ourselves strong,
But we fought valiently all along.
Minions of bone and enemies of life,
We pushed our way with will and knife.

And enemy old, too long before,
I met him, the bastard poor.
Blades meet and sparks fly,
Before the dawn, one shall die!

My mistake, and underestimate,
Victory we must forget.
Take a step back, pull away,
So we might live another day.

The enemy gone for moment's respite,
But the battle draws on for this night.
Take a rest and watch the aproach,
Strength unimaginable, he does broach.

Returned again with forces great,
Tonight we dance a dance of fate.
Four great blades entertwined,
The walls with blood are lined.

A thought fluttering of danger percieved,
And a dark anger fully recieved.
Learn your place, my mistaken foe,
I'll keep your mask to show.

Barely beaten with technique remade,
And with that many lives saved.
But a weapon taken, a loss overwhelming,
An enemy winnig without ever being.

A nemisis mistaken, the wrong evil,
Of this game I've had my fill.
But one last war to wage for now,
Before I finally take my bow.

Oldest enemy and most deadly,
I guess this war was meant to be.
Mind against mind with Chaos both,
And let our wits not be clothed.

Let the fire consume you.
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A tale retold
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