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 My Game

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PostSubject: My Game   Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:11 pm

All my life I have ran
From here clear to a magical land
From a hellious land of which I came
I thought my whole life was just a game

Ive ran
Ive hid
Ive gone away
I left my old life
To play a new game

I soon found out this game was on expert
I cant turn it off or even restart
In the past I was weak but became stronger
Ill beat this game to redeem my honor

Ive ran
Ive hid
Ive gone away
Ive made those mistakes
but responsibility i will take

Ill fight
Ill strive
Ill go to the end
Yhis silly game wont make me bend

Most people laugh at my chance for redemption
They call me a curse...an execration
I shout and annouce I wont run like back then
Ill prove it to you,this game ill win

Ive run
Ive hid
Ive gon away
But i wont do it again
Ill continue this game

Ive made it now to the final stage
Time to redeem me and let me from my cage
My opponent is strong,dark,and evil indeed
Its some I kno very well,it is my past me

Ive run
Ive hid
Ive gone away
To defeat my past self seems difficullt
But im now ready to defeat mmy faults

Ive worked so hard and tried my best
I supose Ive fallen like the rest
I refuse to accept this pathetic defeat
I said id win and my words ill keep

Im out of weapone,my life is low
I doubt i could take another blow
Im not goin to quit ill finish wat i start
Even if from my life i have to part

Ive run
Ive hid
Ive gon away
Tho im near death and very weak
Ill win this game for its redemtion i seek

He goes to make his final move
But I take a hint and get a clue
I yell"now I can defeat you"
I pic up a sword and run towrds this enemy
I stab it thru his chest as hard as i can

The game is over
Ive gotten my victory
But then i hurt
And look down on the wounds he's given me
Ive been redeemed but to soon i leave

If love exists; I will fall

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PostSubject: Re: My Game   Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:14 am

I told you you're a good poet, why don't you ever believe me?

Let the fire consume you.
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My Game
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