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 Public Enemy Number 1: Chapter 2

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Public Enemy Number 1: Chapter 2 Empty
PostSubject: Public Enemy Number 1: Chapter 2   Public Enemy Number 1: Chapter 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 7:17 pm

Chapter 2:

I'm sorry for the wait,
My pet's thirst I had to sate.
But in the end my own hunger was the one fulfilled,
When it was another that I had killed.
So alone I am to right my history,
So my tue motives you may see.
My hunt renewed when visitors came,
They brought guns of smoke and burning flame.
My cabin to shreds they tore,
And this angered me to my core.
A rifle for hunting I found stowed,
And I looked through the window at my dear foe.
Three men in armor leather of SWAT training,
I noticed these and a van behind in their raining.
A plan I formed in lightning quick,
And two rounds I fired with my boomstick.
A duck and a dodge in their momnts respite,
And ten I had vanished from the fight.
Down to the basement in solitude complete,
I contemplated my next dark feat.
A quick emptying of all things volitile,
And I made a concotion in my style.
A moment passed and the door I heard,
And into my trap they were lured.
Footsteps quick and voices loud,
Then came downstairs in darkness shroud.
Not a light shone as two descended,
Not a moment passed before lives upended.
A throw instantly thrown,
And I dived with skills I'd honed.
A second passed with metal clink,
And then in moments, their hearts began to sink.
The projectile I had misplaced at their feet,
The one thing they could never beat.
A rocking and a blurring of blinfing light,
And then the room was as dark as night.
The third above came down with speed,
And his tread I began to impede.
Taken from behind, his gun removed,
I showed him s future that I'd viewed.
His own knife I had unsheathed,
And soon on it, his blood seethed.
A limb removed to keep him still,
Then his cavities I began to fill.
His stomach cramped with my potion,
And I backed away as it began.
A personal favorite, my dear Thermite,
He blazed and screamed and appeased my sight.
Melting alive with his own fluids,
I enjoyed this moment I was amid.
Then more sounds and several sirens,
I think there are more to add to my collection of skins...

You'll love the up-coming plot twist, I promise!

Let the fire consume you.
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Public Enemy Number 1: Chapter 2
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